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Switzerland Summer Solstice Celebration

Bex, June 23, 2013

Bailliage of Pays de Vaud

Summer Solstice Celebration

‘Vines’ in 2011 (Vaud’s La Côte vineyard area) and ‘cereals’ in 2012 (House of Wheat and Bread in Echallens), the Bailliage of Pays de Vaud continued on its tour of the fundamentals of fine food and drink with a visit of the Salt Mines in Bex.

La Saline de Bex SA extracts and produces salt. Generating electricity, tourism, and promoting historic and cultural heritage also feature amongst the company’s activities.

The rôtisseurs, some with their families, made their way down into a rock salt mine. Accompanied by a guide both knowledgeable and enthusiastic, we discovered that salt is not just useful for seasoning food. It also influences the basic tastes reducing bitterness and sweetness, balancing acidity and intensifying umami.

If you add to that the major role it has in bread making, in preserving meat and fish, and in softening domestic water, it is easy to see what a vital partner it is to food.

This wonderful tour, in a magnificent underground setting, ended with a delicious meal served with local wines.

The perfect way to spend the Solstice!

Henri Rollier, Bailli