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Sweden Visit & Dinner

Västervik, July 14, 2013

Breaking new ground in Västervik

Understandably the Bailliage of Sweden tends to grow in the parts of the country where it is already well represented. However, the Bailliage also aims to break new ground which has been achieved on several occasions recently.

In mid-July we had the great pleasure to welcome our first member establishment in the small city of Västervik, located on the country’s east coast some 300 kilometres south of Stockholm. Until now this has been somewhat of a Chaîne ‘desert’ but not anymore!

We started with a tour of the local archipelago to get in the mood for what was to come. A visit to the island of Hasselö, including a picnic lunch, did the job perfectly.

Maître Rôtisseur Henrik Arkåsen and his staff at the Restaurant Saltmagasinet (literally: salt storehouse) presented an outstanding dinner with a strong focus on locally-produced ingredients with vegetables from their garden and bread from their bakery.

All aspects of the dinner blended perfectly. The group of about 50 local and potential members were excellently catered for by Henrik and his colleagues.

Whereas in the past one might have sped past this particular small region of Sweden in the search for a good meal there is no need to hurry any more. A visit to Saltmagsinet in Västervik is strongly recommended. And we now know for a fact that they are very fond of welcoming members of the Chaîne.

Carl Wachtmeister, Bailli Délégué