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ACCR (Association caritative de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs)

The Charitable Association of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

The ACCR is four years’ old already. It was founded with the ideal of developing the idea that children – even the most disadvantaged – are capable of doing wonderful things and of taking the initiative; and that they can gain pleasure in return. For us these are but small things; for children who have nothing they improve the quality of life enormously.

Your support of the Chaîne’s charitable association has been overwhelming. Bailliages and individual members have contributed funds that have enabled direct help to the several projects which the ACCR Board of Project Management has identified as being within the scope of the Chaîne’s ideals.

The association expresses its gratitude for your generous assistance. Together we can change their lives. We cannot reverse the past but we can help shape the future!

Karim Henein
Chair, ACCR Board
Member of the Conseil d’Administration


The ACCR Board of Directors comprises:
Karim Henein, Chair, Member of the Conseil d’Administration (Egypt)
President Yam Atallah; Grand Argentier Joseph M Girard; Sundru Pillay, Chancelier Honoraire (South Africa)

The ACCR Project Selection & Management Committee comprises:

Karim Henein (centre), Chair
     Member of the Conseil d’Administration (Egypt)

Albert Hankenne
     Member of the Conseil Magistral (Belgium)

Paolo Wicht (right)
     Argentier (Switzerland)