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Ecuador Dinner

Guayaquil, August 21, 2013

Promoting the Chaîne at the Restaurant le Gourmet in Guayaquil

In order to promote the activities of the Chaîne in Ecuador, we hosted a dinner at the Restaurant le Gourmet for 15 TV, magazine and newspaper journalists.

The Restaurant le Gourmet is situated in the rather grand Hotel Oro Verde. It is ‘rather grand’ as one dines surrounded by stunning French trompe l'œil panelling, a spectacular fireplace and magnificent chandeliers.

Chef Antonio Perez delighted the exclusive group with a tasting menu of six courses, with all but the sorbet partnered by a selection of well-made wines from the Casillero del Diablo range.

The beautiful vineyards of Concha y Toro’s Casillero del Diablo are home to some of the finest wines in the world. However few outsiders know the dark secret that lies beneath them, for the locals say that in the depths of the cellar lives the Devil himself! A tale so infamous, they named the wine Casillero del Diablo, the Devil’s Cellar.


Prawns with pears and mature cheese in an almond emulsion

Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc

Sole à la fermière, Parmentier potatoes, spinach, grapes and pine nuts
Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay

Braised pork shank in a white bean velouté with sage, ricotta gnocchi and wild mushrooms
Casillero del Diablo Carmenere

Mandarin orange sorbet with Grand Marnier

Duck leg ‘Molière-style’ with sweet potato, couscous of cauliflower and physalis fruit

Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada Cabernet-Sauvignon Syrah

Caramel parfait with black chocolate wafer, taxo (banana passionfruit) ice cream, chocolate curls and vanilla cream
Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

The aim of this special event was to inform journalists of the general obectives and long term plans of the Bailliage. Given Chef Antonio’s valuable culinary contribution, the objectives were achieved resulting in a most successful promotional event for the Bailliage.

Nadia Zamora from Diario Expreso wrote in her article reviewing the event: “At the end of the evening, just like in Cinderella, I stopped being a member of this brotherhood that has a hundred members in Guayaquil and soon expects to be in Ecuador’s capital, Quito. But I left with something more important: as an Ecuadorian who likes the flavours of her land and who wants this pleasure to be exported to the world.”

Nicolás Romero, Chargé de Presse