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Portugal Dinner

Lisbon, September 7, 2013

Bailliage of Greater Lisbon

The Panorama Restaurant of the Sheraton Hotel in Lisbon was the venue for a special pre-Christmas dinner with a group of members and friends from the Bailliage of Italy.

From its location on the top floor of the hotel, the Panorama has, as its name implies, splendid views of Lisbon. The restaurant is renowned for its traditional Portuguese cuisine using top quality products. The key note is freshness with always an element of surprise with the presentation.

Lisbon members and guests were joined by their Italian counterparts in the restaurant’s reception area for a welcoming aperitif before taking places for dinner. The tables were named after Italian cities. It was a simple touch that truly broke the ice for what was to be wonderful evening.

Guest Chef for the evening was Ricardo Simões of Lisbon’s Tavares Restaurant. His specially-created menu started with an amuse bouche of oyster with cucumber and ceviche. The first course proper was Mozambique lobster and garden greens.

Next we were delighted by lacquered cuttlefish with green peas. For the third course we presented with an intriguing confit of sea bass on lemon purée with caramelized onion and mushrooms.

Between these courses a break was taken for a short presentation of the Bailliage of Italy given by its Chancelier Bruno Peloi. In reply Aníbal Soares, Member of the Conseil Magistral, Bailli Délégué of Portugal and I took the opportunity to express our joy at this event thus reinforcing the friendship encouraged by our magnificent Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. However, before concluding the interlude, raffle tickets were sold in support of our Évora School of Gastronomy and as a result raised 350€ for the ACCR-supported charity.

Resuming the delights of the menu the main course of fillet of beef with creamed celery and forest ‘chips’ was out of this world. To conclude, our ultra-talented chef and his brigade prepared a traditional ‘pastel de nata’ – custard cream-filled pastry snuggled on caramel ice cream with coffee and cinnamon nuances.

Such was the enjoyment of the event that the gastronomic experience did not come to an end until 1am!

Fernando Messias, Bailli of Greater Lisbon

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