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Turkey Dinner

Belek, November 2, 2013

Bailliage of Antalya

The fourth dinner in the 2013 of the Bailliage of Antalya was held at the Gloria Golf Resort in Belek.

The sixty members who attended the dinner will fondly remember the evening as a meticulously prepared event by our member, Assistant General Manager İsmail Tirali, and his team. As well as local Antalya members, we were delighted to have Argentier Güven Osma and five members from other Bailliages in Turkey among the attendees.

The evening started with a cocktail reception with Bellinis, Hendrick’s Gin, Champagne and wine, accompanied by sushi as well as salmon paste and caviar canapés

We then proceeded to the beautifully-decorated dining area for what was to be an excellent diner prepared by Executive Chef Önder Özcan and his brigade.

The menu:

Lobster fritters wrapped in Parma ham

Trio of marinated red mullet, salmon and tuna

Black Forest soup with rabbit meatballs and black truffles

Foie gras with strawberry sauce

‘Surf and Turf’ – beef, scallops and crayfish

Trio of desserts: pumpkin wrapped in kadayıf1, chocolate-coated pişmaniye2, and fig dessert

The first course was accompanied by Moët & Chandon Rosé Champagne. The following courses were partnered with wines from Sevilen, Melen and Kavaklıdere. Arthur Metz Alsace Gewurztraminer was served with dessert. With its traditional Asian spices aromas and sweet apple pie and peach palate, this rich wine was a delicious partner to the sweetness of the dessert selection.

Food & Beverage Manager Enver Çamlı was assisted by supervisors Bülent Sargın and Selim Çelik in choreographing a superb standard of service.

There were so many wonderful experiences during the event that it was difficult to decide on one particular highlight. One thing that was possible however is for the whole event to be remembered for a very long time by all those fortunate to be present.

We are very lucky in the Bailliage of Antalya to have so many fine establishments with excellent chefs who are eager to prepare these special events for us.

Tunҫ Uluҫ, Bailli

1 Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, typical of the regions belonging to the former Ottoman Empire.

2 Turkish fairy floss – like candy floss (cotton candy) but made with 50% sugar, flour and butter.