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Denmark Dinner

Copenhagen, January 18, 2014

Bailliage of Selandia

The Bailliage of Selandia’s first event of the year brought us to Restaurant Sukiyaki, where we welcomed Tamon Ueda as a new Chaîne member.

More than 40 years ago, Tamon’s father, Takio Ueda, opened one of the first Japanese restaurants in Denmark and thus introduced the country to sushi. Since then, the family have hosted many prominent guests, from rock stars to a Japanese prime minister.

After a welcoming drink of Japanese plum wine, our menu was as follows:

Sunomono: marinated green radish with jellyfish
Kamo: duck breast with teriyaki sauce
Yuba no aemono: soya milk skin and cucumber
Kuwai no kara-age: deep fried arrowroot
Nishiki tamogo: baked omelette


Buri: yellowtail tuna
Amaebi: sweet shrimp
Yamaimo: mountain yams in bonito stock

Chinese radish, yam, octopus ball, carrot, sugar pea, shiitake


Miso-marinated salmon

Tempura with onion and burdock, lotus root, squash and black tiger prawns
with a sauce of bonito, grated radish and ginger

Steamed egg soup with lily root, ginkgo nuts, chicken, and beech mushrooms

Gyu fillet
Beef tenderloin with mushrooms, rice and miso soup

Hand-made black sesame ice cream

The beef tenderloin was partnered with 2010 Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Château Saint-Arnaud. The preceding courses were accompanied by a selection of sake. This was of special interest to the several members who had viewed Chloé Grandpierre’s recent sake article on the Chaîne News On-line website!

The sake selection included …
- Kizakura Ginjõ Namachozou 14.5%, served cold
- Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjõ 14.5%, served cold
- Hakutsuru Junmai 15%, served warm

We thanked our hosts in the usual fashion. Bailli Mette McIsaac presented Tamon Ueda with a Certificate of Appreciation. Newly promoted Vice-Chargé de Missions, Martin Sawhney Hansen, presented Tamon with the Bailliage’s traditional gift of a Chaîne apron.

James W. McIsaac
Vice-Chargé de Presse