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Postage stamp

The Principality has created a Chaîne stamp! 

There is a myriad of possibilities to introduce the Chaîne to a broader audience.

With the encouragement and collaboration provided by the Principality’s postal service, Liechtensteinische Post AG, we took the opportunity to issue a frankable postage stamp showing the Chaîne emblem.

The nominal value of 1.00 Swiss Franc reflects the fact that Chaîne de Rôtisseurs is the number 1 in the world of culinary pleasures!

This unique idea, coming from the country of philately par excellence, is anticipated to promote our culinary organisation worldwide in an unparalleled and highly appealing manner.

What is more, the stamp will adorn the mail of the Bailliage of Liechtenstein giving the letters and packages an individual touch thus attracting that little extra attention.

Stritt Doris Jäggi-Lund