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Philippines Dinner

Manila, February 4, 2014

Bailliage of Manila Charity event in support of the Sisters of Mary Schools

Some 50 members gathered at the charming Café Ysabel - a favourite place – for this charity event. It was rewarding for the Bailliage to have the pleasure of welcoming prospective members and some international guests.

This was no ordinary dinner as it was one with a cause, a very good cause. The pleasures of the table, promised and delivered at every Chaîne event, came through on two fronts: that of the palate, with a rich dinner among friends, and that of the soul, with the feel-good spirit that comes from extending a helping hand to those who have neither the chance nor the means to repay the favour.

“A life lived for others is a life well lived.” – Albert Einstein

The ‘good cause’ was to raise funds for the Sisters of Mary School, otherwise known as the “Boys’ and Girls’ School” located in Silang, Cavite, about an hour south of Metro Manila. The school is an unincorporated, not-for-profit, charitable, live-in secondary institution for the poor of the country.

Funded primarily by donations, gifts and bequests from generous individuals and corporations, the school offers a long list of vocational courses including Food & Beverage Services, Baking & Pastry Production, Housekeeping, and Bartending. Most of its graduates are gainfully employed in hotels, resorts, restaurants, bakeries around the Philippines.

The dinner, themed “Farm to Table,” featured the choicest, freshest produce from the farm of Bailli Federico Borromeo, lovingly and meticulously turned into gems for the taste buds by renowned Chef/Restaurateur Gene Gonzalez, owner of Café Ysabel and Échanson of the Bailliage of Philippines.


Freddie’s Iberian Pig prepared two ways
air-dried ham and homemade sausage

Potted goose

Cream of leek with hake and seafood

Roast Tanay goose
ginger confit with yesterday’s corn and mango Bread

Borromeo’s Farm-raised goat stew with saffron rice

Dessert medley
Carabao (water buffalo) milk ice cream
Carabao milk flan
Dark chocolate caramel
Passion fruit bonbons

The accompanying wines were courtesy of 8487 Trading, importers of Stonehedge Winery, Napa Valley California, and Casa Rojo organic wines from Spain.

Federico Borromeo, Bailli