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Australia - Norm Harrison

The new Bailli Délégué

Norm’s roots are in Lancashire, England, with Blackpool Polytechnic providing his graduate education. He joined the Weddel Group, owned by Lord Vestey, as a young executive honing his skills in Management and the Meat Industry on his home turf.

In 1970 Norm applied to emigrate to Rhodesia. However following the declaration of independence declared by Prime Minister Ian Smith all immigration was stopped due to the trade embargo imposed by the United Kingdom. It was thus that Norm emigrated to Perth, Australia, in anticipation of eventually reaching Rhodesia.

(Right) Photo courtesy of Dragan Radocaj Photography

Once in Australia he joined Canada Packers Australia (CPA) as the Western Australian Manager helping develop their meat market in the Middle East. Moving to Melbourne in 1980 with CPA Norm was trained to head up Canada Packers International trading office in Australia as their Export Director. Rhodesia never got back into the picture!

In 1983 Norm founded his own international trading company having developed the Taiwanese and German Market with the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation. He became the largest exporter of buffalo meat out of Australia. His business expanded into the UAE, Singapore, UK, Mexico, USA, and throughout the Caribbean.

In 1989 he sold this company and lived in England for a year before moving back to Perth where he founded a new company importing plastics for the mining, engineering and signage industries.

In 1998 Norm again sold his company and founded Palltec Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a logistic, warehouse and services provider for the glass bottle industry in Australia operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Norm was first introduced to the Chaîne during a business trip to Taiwan. On his return to Perth he was introduced to Ulrich Kunzmann, the then Bailli of Western Australia, whose Bailliage he joined in 1994.

(Left) Photo courtesy of Charlie-Helen Robinson

Since joining the Chaîne Norm has held several positions from local Bailliage officer to Bailli of South Australia. With this experience it is understandable that he was recently promoted to Bailli Délégué of Australia.

Norm says that he continues to enjoy the daily challenges that business life presents. To this he has now added the sometimes challenging but mostly pleasurable role heading up the Chaîne in his adopted home country. In addition to this, he is a Board member of Orana Inc, a not-for profit organisation that provides a diverse range of training and support for disabled people in South Australia.

Marie Jones, Managing Editor


Below: Norm (right) enjoying a glass of wine with Prue & Stephen Henschke
Photo courtesy of Dragan Radocaj Photography