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Korea Dinner

Seoul, March 22, 2014

A culinary journey from winter to spring

The dinner was held at the famous JW’s Grill restaurant of the JW Marriott Seoul in Gangnam. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Andreas Krampl and Director of Food & Beverage Matthias Widor, the team, inspired by the change of seasons, created an evening that would be a culinary journey from winter to spring.

The cocktail reception was held in a winter wonderland featuring high tables carved from ice, canapés floating through the air held by white balloons, crafted cocktails served with large ice balls; all enhanced by the area covered in white. 

A new seasonal theme was introduced upon entering the restaurant; guests were taken in by the soothing colour pallet of green and yellow. The entrance to the restaurant was decorated with cherry blossoms, certainly provoking feelings of springtime and creating pleasant vibes.

The team carefully picked the finest ingredients with the philosophy that food should be clean, crisp, nature-friendly and colourful from produce available this time of year. The chef's spring-inspired creations were in perfect harmony with the seasonal Korean food products.

Along with seasonal specials, the menu included featured favourites such as:
- baby carrot mousse in a pot
- a modern version of foie gras with lollipop, Port and popcorn
- king crab claw with edamame bean puree, white asparagus ragout with orange powder dust
- 35 days’ dry-aged beef with roast shallot and garlic, blue cheese espuma and tomato Parmesan marshmallow.

Lastly, dessert: an empty plate was served to each guest, with a strawberry plant sprayed with sugar water just before serving. The interesting part was to come with an original and fun way of serving.

The intuitive service was spiced up with unexpected highlights. These included flaming food while strolling between the tables, cutting open the fata paper of the bouillabaisse lobster dish at the table, or for dessert making on the plate the dropped frozen iced sugar bowl filled with strawberry mousse, and creating an explosion of interest and emotions. We were amazed, delighted and captivated throughout intrigued to see what would be next. What an experience!

Didier Beltoise, Chargé de Presse