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China Dinner

Beijing, April 12, 2014

Bailliage Provincial of North China: Hidden gem aids membership possibilities in Beijing

Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and white Pagoda are all landmarks well known to the Beijing locals as well as visitors.

‘Red One’ on the other hand, also known as Courtyard 28 is something most are not familiar with. The official venue of the Chinese Party is where the Chaîne members and their guests indulged themselves on Chinese delicacies.

This hidden gem, just recently opened, is located on the outskirts of Beijing near the city’s airport. It is not a restaurant per se, rather an exclusive club which can be booked for larger upscale events.

The Chinese theme is evident from the massive red entrance gate to the huge Chinese lanterns above the entrance door. There is even an about ten metre statue of the Chairman himself on a large base in one of side courtyards carved in stone.

The menu was beautifully written in Chinese poetry. However as might perhaps be expected the English translation does not do justice to the descriptions. For example:

“King of Sea soup” – a very rich soup cooked for two days with dried fish

“The one night stand” – croacker fish marinated overnight

“Chairman Mao’s favourite pork” – succulent braised pork belly on a bed of leek julienne with fried egg

“Flowers blooming like a piece of brocade” – fresh abalone with vegetable in a broth.

With some 90 members and guests attending, this was one of the larger events the Bailliage has had in a long time. We all enjoyed ourselves and hope we have opened the gates for more Chinese nationals to join the Bailliage Provincial of North China based in Beijing.

Bernie Sperk
Chargé de Presse Provincial