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Norway Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs

Stavanger, March 15, 2014

The Bailliage of Norway’s 2014 National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rotisseurs Competition was held in Stavanger with significant help from the local Bailliage of Rogaland.

The competitors were kindly accommodated at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, a Chaîne member establishment. General Manager Gaute Birkeli, who is also Bailli of Rogaland, personally greeted everyone on arrival at the hotel on Friday, March 14th.

That evening the Bailliage of Rogaland invited the competitors to an informal briefing regarding the competition. The idea was to let the competitors get to know each other rather than just being rivals in the competition. Afterwards the friendships developed in a local restaurant where the Bailliage hosted a simple yet enjoyable dinner including a lovely creamy fish soup.

                                                                                                                                       (c) Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

On the Saturday morning the competitors were taken to the Godalen Hotel School and Culinary Institute where the competition was to start promptly at 7.30am.

The contestants were:
- Martin Trana Flak - Rica Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim
- Jannike Lomongo Hovland - Rica Hell Hotel, Trondheim
- Caroline Øverland - Cafe de France, Stavanger
- Ole Martin Sætnan - To Rom og Kjøkken, Trondheim
- Kim Riisem Sitter - Rica Hell Hotel, Trondheim

Frode Selvaag, Chair of the Panel of Judges, went through the rules for the competition and presented the commodity table with the traditional mystery basket of ingredients.

The principal commodities in the mystery basket were:
- Starter: raw shrimps and live small shore crab
- Main course: entrecote, yellow beet, haricots verts, onions
- Dessert: Dark chocolate, pistachio, almonds, blood orange

Once at the work stations the intensity of the competition for the young chefs became evident. There was however a good atmosphere. The kitchen judges were ever present to ensure the rules for the competition were upheld.

Chef Trana Flak chose a different approach from the other competitors with the ingredients. The starter was a fine bouillon and the main course was the only one served on the bone. This was positively noticed by the audience as well as the judges.

Chef Hovland, from one of northern Norway’s best conference hotels, showed early on that her ambitions were high. Her soup had perfect foam with a beautiful taste. The main course was roasted.

Chef Øverland`s courses were of a high standard. Her time spent as an apprentice with Svein Erik Renaa, one of Norway’s best chefs was apparent. She aimed high with dishes that were classic, cleanly presented with a lovely taste.

Chef Sætnan was representing one of the best brasserie restaurants in northern Norway. He went for powerful tastes, strong colours and built the dishes based on the classic kitchen. With their beautifully presentation it was soon clear that this was an experienced young chef.

Chef Sitter was one of the youngest participants in the competition. He showed ambition from the beginning in wanting to be at the top. The taste of the soup he prepared was really good and his main course was especially well presented.

The competition was very successful in all its elements. The professional approach by the Godalen School team ensured everything went smoothly. Congratulations are due to Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Tom Helge Sørensen, Not only did he arrange the event, he was also a judge.

In the evening a wonderful five-course dinner accompanied by great wines made for the perfect build-up to the exciting Awards Ceremony jointly hosted by Bailli Délégué Rolf Brænd, Head Judge Frode Selvaag and Bailli Gaute Birkeli.

Caroline Øverland was announced as the winner of the 2014 National Final. Martin Trana Flak was Runner Up with Jannike Lomongo Hovland in Third Place.

We congratulate Caroline and wish her luck in the International Final being held in Durban, South Africa, in September.

Gaute Birkeli, Bailli of Rogaland

Caroline's menu in photos