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France Lunch

Bordeaux, May 17, 2014

Lunch at the Chapon Fin in Bordeaux for the Bailliage of Bordelais

Founded in 1825, The Chapon Fin was one of the first restaurants to be awarded three Michelin stars (it was one of the first 33 establishments honoured by Michelin in 1933). In the early days of the 20th century, traders from Bordeaux, rich travellers from across the Atlantic, prestigious and distinguished clientele of the Café Anglais on their way to holiday on the Basque coast…they all stopped off at number 5, rue Montesquieu in Bordeaux.

A destination for the connoisseur of good food and wines that the members of the Bordeaux Bailliage particularly appreciate, where the sophisticated dishes have evolved without relinquishing more than a hundred years of Bordeaux’s gastronomic heritage.

(Head chef: Nguyen Van Hay)

Calf’s head, gribiche glaze and crusty bread

Pork filet mignon, Noirmoutier potatoes, red wine and marrow sauce

Turrón Finger, praline chocolate, grilled pine nuts

(Sommelier: Alexandre Morin)
Crémant d'Alsace Brut, traditional Baeckert method
Château Villa Bel Air 2012, Graves Blanc
Château de Pressac 2007, St Émilion Grand Cru 1
Domaine Pouderoux, 15 year old Maury

Our good friend, Chloé Grandpierre, Échanson of France, deepened her professional relationship with Alexandre Morin, Sommelier at the Chapon Fin, at this friendly event, which not only saw the introduction of some delicious food, but, as already mentioned, also afforded the opportunity to see how the skilful, passionate work involved in blending food and drink could result in an absolute culinary delight to dazzle the thirty guests dining at this restaurant, the reputation of which cannot be denied.

The dishes, whose names remind us of leading Bordeaux figures, such as Tourny, Montesquieu and Montaigne, link us with a past in which gastronomic tradition and the love of fine wine cannot be separated from intellectual development based on humanism, enlightened urban planning and universal political thought, illustrating the exceptional reputation of this region, blessed by the Gods.

Bernard Seignat
Bailli (and Chancelier Honoraire of the Bailliage of France)

Photos : Mireille Dopler

1 It was at the Château de Pressac on 20 July 1453 that the treaty was signed marking the capitulation at the Battle of Castillon, bringing the Hundred Years’ War to an end.