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France Dinner

Trémolat, May 24, 2014

photos (c) Le Vieux Logis

Bailliage of Périgord

Eighteen guests, representing a range of nationalities (as does the Bailliage), met in the intimate surroundings of a charming dining room, commissioned exclusively for the occasion, at the Vieux Logis.

Guests enjoyed a glass of champagne along with some exquisite little delicacies in the lounge, where they could catch up on and share the latest news about the Local, National and International Chaîne.

Green asparagus, served warm with a curried crab cream pointed the conversation in the direction of gastronomy, prompting compliments about the origin of the ingredients used. The dish was aromatic, balanced and fabulously tasty!!

We were dazzled by the lightly smoked pigeon fondant and pleasantly surprised by how well it went with the juniper ice cream with which it was served, with broad beans adding a touch of spring to the whole dish. The spring theme continued with crispy, melt-in-the-mouth veal sweetbread medallions, served with the first chanterelles of the season. The vin jaune jus added an intriguing vitality to this tasty dish. The delicious deep-fried goat’s cheese fritters were enhanced by basil and mint.

After a pre-dessert, it was the strawberry, from Périgord of course, that was chosen to bring our spring meal to an end, with its sumptuous flavours complemented by hibiscus.

The wines were from the Bailliage’s cellar, chosen with the help of the Maître d’Hôtel-Sommelier Yves Clément, to accompany perfectly these delicious dishes conjured up by Vincent Arnould.

We enjoyed an Italian wine, Lupi Réali Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC, with the asparagus, then Château la Reine Blanche 2009 Saint Émilion grand cru, followed by a Saint Aubin premier cru les Castets 2007 from the Billard estate. A Côtes de Bergerac, Château Court les Mûts 2013 (Sadoux vineyard), suited the strawberries beautifully.

Thank you to the excellent team at the Vieux Logis and the Michelin-starred chef Vincent Arnould, MOF and Maître Rôtisseur.

Claire Veaux
Bailli (and Chargée de Missions for the Bailliage of France)

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photos (c) Le Vieux Logis