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Ecuador Dinner

Guayaquil, May 13 & 14, 2014

Guayaquil is one of the main South-American ports on the Pacific. The climate is hot for the first half of the year and breeze cool for the rest of it. It is a proud city of the tropics where visitors are well received, music rules and seafood is a must.

Francisco Puig, our host for this event (the first of our 2014 programme), is a self-made chef. His background is from the product side – through his fishing and food processing company. Twenty years ago he started exports of fresh and frozen mahi-mahi (Ed. mahi-mahi means 'very strong' in Hawaiian; the fish is also widely known as dorado) to the USA as well as fresh tuna to Japan.

He still has the seafood processing line and uses it to prepare all the fish and shellfish products being served in his ‘Don Francis’ Restaurant. The restaurant is also known for promoting products difficult to find in Ecuador, such as deer and wild boar.

The seven course ‘tasting’ menu Francisco created for our dinner comprised:

Fantasy terrine duo - lamb and salmon

Robalo sealed with citrus juices

Diced lobster in puff pastry with a lemon risotto timbale


Sorrentino-style ossobuco

Rolled stuffed quail accompanied by berries

Coconut parfait

Ten of the 63 people who attended on the two evenings were new members who will be inducted at the Bailliage’s Chapitre in July. For their first experience of a Chaîne dinner, they were very pleased indeed!

Nicolás Romero Ordeña, Chargé de Presse