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Italy Sicilian Inter-Bailliage Weekend

Catania, November 19-20, 2011

Catania, the marvellous city on the east coast of the island at the foot of Mount Etna, was the chosen location for the 1st Sicilian Inter-Bailliage Weekend.

One of the main touristic and educational centres in the island, Catania is also an important hub of industry, especially in the field of high technology, thus gaining it the nickname of the "European Silicon Valley".

Officers and members from the four local Bailliages in Sicily – Catania, Palermo, Trapani, and Agrigento – gathered to share the values and rich history of the Chaîne through their mutual interest and passion for fine cuisine, conviviality and friendship.

The programme for the two days was full and varied. Visiting archaeological sites, as well as the contemporary city in all its beauty, satisfied the cultural desires of the group.

Indulging the appetite was of course essential to the success of the weekend, accordingly there were opportunities to sample local wines made by talented producers. Besides vinous pleasures, any Chaîne dining event of course includes food.


We enthused over the traditional local cuisine and greatly admired the art and craft of the chefs who prepared each menu for us. An important occasion in the culinary programme was the dinner with our Bailli Délégué, Dr Roberto Zanghi. Not only for the gastronomy but also because we were able to discuss with him new proposals for the development of the Confrérie in Sicily.

Maurizio Messina
Bailli of Trapani

NB. The 2nd Sicilian Inter-Bailliage Weekend will be held in Trapani in November 2012