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Korea Dinner

Seoul, June 21, 2014

‘Art culinaire’ themed event at the renowned Banyan Tree Club

The theme of ‘art culinaire’ was presented as the challenge to the Club’s chefs. As this theme tells us, the evening’s concept was to focus on art enhancing visual enjoyment through exquisite food works of art on plates. The kitchen brigade rose to the task by introducing and showcasing special courses with an innovative presentation in ornate picture frames!

Photos (c) Banyan Tree Club & Spa

The Fiesta Bistro & Bar, famed for its café-style gourmet European spread, was a good venue for this event. Overlooking the Oasis swimming pool which complements Mount Namsan’s natural ambiance it turned into a perfectly romantic place with its changing coloured lights at night.

Enraptured by the melody of accordion and violin, the party venue was decorated with red roses being at their best in June. The 49 members and their guests were each given a gift of a wine bottle labelled with the dinner menu as a gift.

The culinary team under the leadership of Executive Chef Andrew Kang prepared a six-course menu with creative and artistic expressions on each framed plate.


Smoked sturgeon with caviar

Château d'Esclans ‘Whispering Angel’ Rosé 2013 (Côtes de Provence, France)

Foie-gras torchon pressé with goat’s cheese
Schloss Vollrads Riesling Kabinett 2012 (Rheingau, Germany)

Sole cake in a mushroom & shallot foam
Jordan Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2011 (California, USA)

Daegwanryeong hanwoo tenderloin slowly cooked sous-vide at 56°C
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Calvet 2011 (Rhône Valley, France)

Palette of cheese
(Fontal, Taleggio, Saint André, Chaumes, Blue)
Trapiche Iscay Malbec-Cabernet Franc 2008 (Mendoza, Argentina)

Gold lemon toffee pudding with citron Jell-o
Ginestet Sauternes 2010 (Bordeaux, France)

The menu reflected the basic senses and each course was served with the following themes respectively: ‘colour & flavour’, ‘design & taste’, ‘painting & nature’, ‘original & texture’, ‘basic instinct & harmony’, and ‘sweet & romance’. The wine selection made by Head Sommelier Joonho Kim perfectly matched the superb menu.

During the evening Gill Roche, of Air France-KLM, was warmly thanked for sponsoring the return air ticket for our 2014 Jeunes Sommeliers competitor to travel to Copenhagen to participate in this year’s international final (see photo below).

Didier Beltoise, Chargé de Presse