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Jordan Visit by His Holiness the Pope

Amman, May 24, 2014

His Holiness Pope Francis - an honorary member of the Chaîne

Bailli Délégué Said Sawalha, together with the Sawalha family (many of whom are Chaîne members), had the great honour of hosting a dinner for his Holiness Pope Francis at the Apostolic Delegation’s residence in Amman on May 24th.

His Holiness Pope Francis opted for a very modest dinner among his own cabinet members, rather than the usual larger official banquets held during Papal visits.

Instead, 500 ‘to-go’ meals were presented by His Holiness to people with special needs at the Baptismal site at Bethany beyond the Jordan, some 50kms to the west of Amman.

The dinner served later at the Apostolic Delegate’s residence was followed by official recognition of His Holiness Pope Francis’ purity, whereby Bailli Délégué Said Sawalha presented His Holiness with a pure white Chaîne des Rôtisseurs ribbon, acknowledging his faith, sanctity, humility and devotion.

Tareq Sawalha, Échanson