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Philippines Indian Dinner

Makati City, June 18, 2014

Bailliage of Manila

The Kashmir Restaurant along Pasay Road was the venue of the 2nd Indian Dinner of the Ordre Mondial Des Gourmets Dégustateurs group within the Bailliage of Manila.

The restaurant started in the early '70s. Today it caters for a wide clientele, mostly from abroad but to an increasing number of Filipino customers who are both knowledgeable and appreciative of Indian cuisine.

Local Bailliage confrères and their guests, as well as Dr Camillo Gutierrez, a Bailliage of USA Chaîne Ambassador, were treated to a combination of traditional ‘heritage’ dishes and some modern twists as well.

Whilst the restaurant specialises in northern Indian cuisine, the menu for this event was designed to encapsulate the whirlwind of flavours and textures from the vast choice available throughout India. Inspired highlights were a tender octopus tandoori and a flavourful fresh shitake mushroom makhanwalla.

---------- 1st Course ----------

Cocktail Dosa
Thin crisp flour crepe filled with potatoes, onions and spices.
Served with coconut chutney and spicy curry dipping sauce

Mani Seyal

Aged unleavened bread cooked in a light spicy sauce

---------- 2nd Course ----------

Khas Seekh lamb kebab

Skewered ground lamb grilled on an open flame

Kheema Tiki
Minced lamb and potato patty

---------- 3rd Course ----------

Shitake Mushroom Makhanwala

Shitake mushrooms cooked in a rich butter sauce

Paneer Tika

Cottage cheese grilled Tandoori-style served with Roti Chennai

---------- 4th Course ----------

Octopus Tandoori

A reinvented classic featuring tender octopus slices

Amritsari fish
Snapper fillet simmered in a delicate sauce evoking the majesty of the Punjab
Served with kachumber (pickled onions) and garlic naan

---------- 5th Course ----------


Whole roasted goat stuffed with mutton biryani

---------- 6th Course ----------


“A mixture of sweetness”
Indian ice cream, rose syrup, pistachios and vermicelli noodles

Coffee, Indian Tea and mini mithais (Indian pastries)

In the finest traditions of the Ordre Mondial and ‘bring your own bottle’ dining, the experienced Ordre Mondial members more than successfully paired their favourite Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Shiraz wines from around the world with the myriad of flavours presented by Indian cuisine. For those with a thirst to quench, ‘wit bier’ from Katipunan, a local craft ale company, was offered to all.

Sanjeeb Gopaldas, Chevalier