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International Vice-President

Marie Jones is the new International Vice-President

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Marie Jones as International Vice-President.

President Yam Atallah informed the International Board in Munich on February 12, 2012, that Marie had accepted his invitation to become International Vice-President. The announcement was enthusiastically received by the Board members.

Marie has been a Chaîne member for over 35 years, having held local Bailliage offices before being promoted Bailli Délégué of Great Britain in 1994. She fulfilled this role until standing down in 2002 to be able to devote her time and energy to being a member of the International Board.

Since joining the Board Marie has been an active participant having taken on several responsibilities. The most prominent of these has been Managing Editor since 2005 of the Chaîne International Magazine. This job title has now transferred to the magazine’s successor: the Chaîne News On-line service.

In 2003 Marie facilitated the modernising of the Chaîne’s Règlement Intérieur and since then has retained the title of “Keeper of the Rules”. She is also a member of the International Jeunes Sommeliers Competition committee.