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USA - Hal Small

Profile of the new Bailli Délégué

In June 2014 Harold “Hal” Small began a three-year term as Bailli Délégué́ of the USA.

Having previously served at virtually every available leadership role locally, regionally and nationally, his most recent role was as Chancelier since 2011. For his exemplary contribution over the years he has received the Bailliage of USA Gold, Silver and Bronze Stars.

His vision and purpose has been honed over many years. At the foundation of it all though is what brought him to the Chaîne to begin with 24 years ago…the desire to “enjoy terrific food and wine”. He sought election as Bailli Délégué with hopes of “improving the experiences of members at the local, regional and national levels,” and with ambitions of furthering the Chaîne Kitchen initiative which he started.

Concerned that the Chaîne hasn’t yet achieved the brand recognition with both established and graduating chefs it deserves, he hopes Chaîne membership will become an important professional goal for chefs at all levels. Hal also wants the Chaîne to be “more relevant to attract younger members, the next generation of diners and gastronomes.”

In appointing his national team, Hal has targeted individuals with “new energy and talent to his or her position at the regional and national level…empowered not only to do their job, but to attract new members.” 

A member of Société Mondiale du Vin for a number of years, Hal is certain that Mondiale members get a great deal of enjoyment from their membership and thus he encourages participation.

Hal’s involvement in the Chaîne is already virtually a full time job for him. However he also still finds time to be a practicing attorney, a CPA and involved in other non-profit vocations that have a special place in his heart.

Helen Cappuccino, Chargée de Presse Provinciale, Bailliage Provincial of Northeast

Hal & Susan Small
USA Grand Chapitre 2014, New Orleans  (c) David Ramsey Photography

International Vice-Presdent Marie Jones; Hal Small; President Yam Atallah
2014 International Grand Chapitre, Paris  (c) Thierry Vallier