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USA - Communications Team

Introducing the Bailliage of USA’s new Communications team

Hal Small, the new Bailli Délégué (since June 2014), wrote of the dynamic and talented Communications Team that he had put together for the Bailliage of the USA: “Each of these women is highly accomplished and will really be of great assistance to the Chaîne. The best part is that they are all good friends of mine.”
Hal continued, “Together the team will make a formidable force with their breadth and depth of experience in publishing, marketing, PR, social media and the Press. Their strong reputations within the Bailliage of the USA and in the wider community of the US together with their connections both through their charitable work and their careers will present a vibrant mix to bring all that the Chaîne does, can offer to professional and non-professional members especially the upcoming young professionals into the headlines.”

The original team comprised Michelle Metter as Chargée de Presse, Marie Addario as Vice-Chargée de Presse Nationale and Marilyn LaRocque as Vice-Chargée des Relations Presse Nationale.

However, since her appointment Marilyn has had to stand down due to family reasons. The search is now on to find a replacement with the skills to promote the Bailliage in the USA through traditional Press avenues as well as ensuring that the Chaîne’s visibility increases significantly.

In the meantime, as well as covering the ‘press relations’ role, Gastronome, the USA’s printed magazine and Gastronome Extra, the on-line news facility supporting it, will be published by Michelle with Marie as Editor-in-chief.

Michelle Metter (left) and Marie Addario
USA 2014 Grand Chapitre, New Orleans -- Photo (c) David Ramsey Photography