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Mexico Chapitre

Mexico City, June 12, 2014

Valle de México – a new local Bailliage is born

Bailli Délégué Carlos Robles Gil, in his capacity as a Member of the Conseil Magistral, presided over the inauguration of the new local Bailliage of Valle de México.

The event was held at the Presidente InterContinental Hotel in Polanco, the upscale area in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City, located north of Chapultepec Park.

Seventeen members, including Bailli Pablo Campos, took the oath and received their Chaîne regalia at the Induction Ceremony.

Afterwards, the 56 members and guests from all over Mexico celebrated the inauguration with a Champagne reception followed by a spectacular dinner in the Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon of the Presidente InterContinental.

This new local Bailliage has declared its mission to be one of promoting high level gastronomy to young business people through organising dinners every two months. The Bailliage has members in the hospitality industry and others who have a love of good food. This mix is reflected in the composition of the Bailliage’s Council.

Pablo Campos, Bailli

Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon at the Presidente InterContinental Hotel
(c) InterContinental Hotels Group