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Slovenia Dinner

Komenda, June 13, 2014

Celebrating 80 years of the Gostilna Čubr at Komenda

Although the Gostilna Čubr (Čubr Inn) boasts a 260-year old heritage – the first mention of the establishment was recorded in 1754 – the Potočnik family decided to celebrate an 80th  anniversary. In 1934 the grandparents of the current generation bought this excellent Slovenian inn and immediately started to develop its cuisine.

Čubr consistently continues the family tradition of inns, of course, with an excellent and highly distinctive cuisine.

For our Chaîne dinner the menu was extensive and consistent with high ideals of the establishment’s special anniversary. After the reception we were greeted by the Chef announcing the intention to recount the history of the inn in a contemporary culinary style.

Here are some personal reminiscences of the fantastic food.

The first cold course was the inn’s signature dish of homemade salami accompanied by an excellent green asparagus foam and walnut oil.

For the warm appetiser I was personally pleased. Fried frog legs were served using a method familiar to Ljubljana bourgeois families. The frog legs were not prepared in the conventional way, the flesh having been scraped from the bones and reshaped.

This was followed by dumplings stuffed with Kranjska sausage. It was not the filling but the sauce which was of note. Wonderfully flavoured and textured it made the course a delight to eat.

After a refreshing sorbet came the main course of fillet of veal served with stuffed baked potatoes and porcini mushrooms. To complete our indulgence there were two desserts both of which showed the outstanding ability and innovation of Anita Potočnik. First was a crème brûlée with berries and strawberry sparkling wine, then a modern interpretation of mura layer cake.

Entertainment was not only provided by amazing food and delicious wines from the Dobrovo winery in Brda. Our socialising was enriched by the owners’ son playing the accordion and their daughter’s excellent singing. What a pleasure it was to listen to the harmony of live music rather than those of a sound system.

Meeting friends and enjoying exquisite food and drink is a most memorable experience. Coupled with the anniversary of the inn, this was an exceptional event. We congratulate the family on its first 80 years and look forward to many more events (and anniversaries) to come at the Gostilna Čubr.
Prepared from an extended report by Prof.dr.Janez Bogataj, Conseiller Gastronomique

Photos (c) Gostilna Čubr

Photos (c) Gostilna Čubr