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USA - Stanley Demos

Profile of a Chaîne member for 50 years!

Just two years after the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs held its first Gala Dinner in the United States, it was in January 1962 that Grand Chancelier Jean Valby inducted Stanley Demos as a Chevalier member.

The Induction Ceremony was held in the elegant ‘Roof Garden’ (now simply called ‘The Roof’) at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Given the significance of the event, President of the Chaîne, Professor Georges Portman, had travelled from France to accompany the great Jean Valby.

(Above left) The St Regis Hotel © Starwood Hotels & Resorts; (Above centre) 'The Roof' at the St Regis Hotel
© Starwood Hotels & Resorts; (Above right) Grand Chancelier Jean Valby

It was in 1904 that the legendary Astor family opened the St Regis overlooking the world-famous Fifth Avenue and ideally located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. The St. Regis for many years has been the New York City's desirable luxury hotel. It was therefore the perfect location in its day for such an important occasion as a Chapitre of the then fledgling, but fast-growing, Bailliage of the United States.

Stanley Demos graduated to be Bailli of Sarasota (Florida), a post from which he stood down in 2005 for a well-earned retirement from Bailliage office.

Stanley has remained an active member and on February 19th this year, he attended an Induction Ceremony in his home Bailliage of Sarasota for a special presentation to commemorate his 50 continuous years of membership.

Stanley Demos (right), Bailli Honoraire, Grand Officier Commandeur
with his wife, Patricia (centre) and Tom Conduit (left), Bailli of Sarasota