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Norway Grand Chapitre

Bergen, August 22-24, 2014

For its 46th Grand Chapitre, the Bailliage of Norway travelled to Bergen on the west coast of the country.

The city was founded in 1070 by King Olav Kyrre (1050‐1093). The royal powers connection with Bergen was because of the city’s growing trade with fish from the north and the trade with corn, cloth and wine from foreign trade cities. Bergen was Norway’s biggest city until 1830. The area of the city known as Bryggen, with its famous Hanseatic wooden houses, still bears witness to the days of glory in the history of Bergen.

Since 1979 the old buildings in Bryggen have been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Nearly 800 years ago German merchants had established a permanent colony in Bergen as part of the development of the Hanseatic League. It was in their former headquarters, now the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, that this Grand Chapitre was centred.

The official opening event of the Grand Chapitre was a shellfish buffet dinner at ‘Cornelius på Holmen’ a restaurant built nearly into the sea situated on a small island just off the coast of Bergen.

On Saturday, the Induction Ceremony, presided over by Mohammed Hammam, Member of the Conseil d’Administration from Turkey, was held in ‘Haakonshallen’ – the 750 years old King’s residence and ceremonial hall built by the famous King Håkon Håkonsson (1204‐1263). We were honoured by the Mayor of Bergen, Officier Trude Dreveland, being present at the Ceremony.

The celebratory Gala Dinner took place in the ‘King’s Hall’ at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bryggen, considered to be one of the best establishments in town.

The programme concluded with a perfect ‘Bocuse brunch’ at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri, located on one of the beautiful islands in the Austevoll municipality, south of Bergen.

With the sea and its long history ever present – the inn has been taking in guests for more than 300 years – today’s big attraction is the cooking by the hosts' son, Ørjan Johannessen, winner of the Bocuse d’Or Europe competition in 2012. We too were not to be disappointed given the outstanding quality of our brunch.

Erling Riisnæs, Chargé de Presse