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Lithuania Dinner

Vilnius, September 27, 2014

Kaunas Musical Theatre turned into a gourmet "food theatre" for one night

Complete darkness created a dramatic effect as the unique experience which was in store for Chaîne members and guests on a Saturday evening in September began to unfold. Gradually, as if the night sky was being turned on, candles were lit to reveal a stunning beautifully-laid, blue-lit dinner table with its specially embroidered cloth.

The stage was set. Dinner was ready. All that was needed was for the diners to take their place and become part of the performance. A feast where food and art were hand in hand; a feast where there was participation in the dramatic production; a feast where it was the performance not a dress rehearsal; a feast that surprised the Chaîne members and their guests for sure.

The Kaunas Musical Theatre and Chef Rôtisseur Algirdas Furmanavičius, the organiser of this gourmet event, worked together to create this magnificent participatory experience and the surprises that unfolded by the moment as the evening progressed.


Fresh ravioli of crab meat

Mozzarella balls, freeze-dried tomato flakes and fresh basil caviar

Grilled scallops garnished with wild berries and flowers

Foie gras with sweet caramelised onion scone and a blackberry sauce

Grilled fillet of beef with caramelized rhubarb, wild forest berries

Luxurious spinach and arugula sorbet, ice cream,
thyme flowers, fresh berries, meadow green leaves and lime jelly

The background piano music had enhanced every aspect of the evening and as the last note faded the final surprise was unveiled. The backdrop curtain fell and revealed that the chefs and their assistants had been cooking the dishes on stage at the same time as the diners were enjoying tasting the results.

Normally after a Chaîne dinner in Lithuania the tradition is that discussion of the menu is postponed until the morning. However, exceptionally on this occasion, the buzz of many conversations continued long into the night as the diners talked about all that had been experienced, that had surprised, astonished, amazed and been appreciated regarding the performance in which they had played a part that of food theatre.

It was truly a performance to remember forever!