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Turkey Visit

Eceabat, September 13, 2014

Bailliage of Ankara visit to Suvla Vineyards

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning we had our breakfast at Büyük Truva (Grand Troy) Hotel where we received a general briefing by Hasan Açanal, owner of Karaüzüm (Black Grapes) Restaurant, and his wife Özlem Açanal, about the local cuisine of the Çanakkale region. Ülgür Gökhan, the Mayor of the town of Çanakkale, also joined the group to contribute further to the presentation.

Bid farewell by the warm wishes from the local culinary experts we set off for a lovely day at Suvla Vineyards. Having taken the ferry to the Eceabat Peninsula we were directed towards the vineyard called “Bozokbağ” accompanied by Professionnel du Vin Selim Zafer Ellialtı, owner of Suvla Vineyard & Winery, and his son Bozok.

A wide variety of grapes is grown at the property: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot, Grenache Noir, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It was clear that at the time of our visit the majority had been harvested but some were still on the vines.

When we reached “Çamlık”, located within the hundreds of hectares of vineyards, rustic wooden tables were set for our lunch under the pine trees while the goats grazed around us.

We had homemade goat cheese, salad, Kilye olives, village bread and pizzas freshly baked on the spot in the hearth. During this delicious lunch, we tasted Suvla Kınalı Yapıncak 2013, Suvla Blush Karasakız 2013 and Suvla Karasakız 2013.

Later in the afternoon at the “Suvla Şarapçılık” winery we spent several hours learning every phase of the wine-making process. We tasted wine samples at different stages of fermentation and maturation as well. It was an impressive place.

We had a slide-show about the history of the winery and commenced a professional tasting of 19 wines tutored by owner Selim Ellialtı. The greater majority of the wines have won awards, not only in Turkey but on the international stage.

During the dinner in the winery’s restaurant, Yasemin Köksal, Bailli of Ankara, and Vice-Échanson Tiğin Sertcan presented a plaque to Selim Ellialtı in recognition and appreciation for the great hospitality and friendship extended to the group.

It was a wonderful visit in the finest traditions of the Ordre Mondial. Everyone in the group came away with a valuable insight into the wine-making process in general as well as the specifics of the Suvla wines and the cuisine of the Çanakkale area.

Yağmur Çakmak, Vice-Chargée de Missions