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Lebanon Dinner

Beirut, October 4, 2014

Happy reunion at the gourmet restaurant Chez Jean-Claude in Beirut

Meetings of the Bailliage of Lebanon are always joyful occasions.

The Bailliage kicked off its dining ‘season’ with a delicious dinner bringing together members and guests at the gourmet restaurant Chez Jean-Claude in Beirut (rue Gabriel Khabbaz, Acrafieh).

Events at this restaurant are always a treat.


Sucrine salad
Roquefort Chicory
Salmon tartare

Pepper-crusted beef fillet (a house speciality)
Fillet of veal with morel mushrooms

Medley of lemon and chocolate tart, rum baba, ice creams and sorbets

With her legendary kindness, Bailli Délégué Arlette Mabardi made sure the evening ran smoothly so that we could enjoy a delightful atmosphere, the chance to catch up with friends and a sophisticated menu that delighted the taste buds of everyone, because it was put together with such care.

Marcelle Nadim, Chargée de Presse