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Liechtenstein Dinner

Triesen, October 3, 2014

Photos above (c) Gasthof Schäfle

Members and guests were welcomed to the Gasthof Schäfle in Triesen by their hosts Birgit and Florian Pichler who were delighted to have been chosen to prepare the Bailliage’s 2014 ‘Hunters Dinner’.

Chef Florian and his team presented a splendid game menu starting with sweet and sour quail, followed by cream of pumpkin and ginger soup.

The main course was saddle of venison served in two stages. First came roast saddle of venison with morel and cognac cream sauce, accompanied by spaetzle and local side dishes of the season. Secondly the saddle of venison came wrapped in chard with cranberry sauce, polenta bramata, Brussels sprouts’ leaves and chestnuts.

The menu was beautifully rounded off with deliciously light blueberry and curd cheese dumplings served with cinnamon parfait and vanilla froth.

A group of nine hunting horn players from the Principality ‘sounded the death’ to mark the start of the dinner. They performed further pieces to go with the individual dishes, for example, calling ‘the kill’ before the main course.

To the sound of a fanfare and a march together with enthusiastic applause, Conseiller Gastronomique Dominic Brühwiler and Bailli Délégué Daniel Jäggi praised the Pilchers with their kitchen and service brigades for creating and delivering an exceptional game dinner.

The evening exceeded all expectations and will be well remembered.

Strit Jäggi-Lind, Chancelier