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Turkey Dinner

Istanbul, October 17, 2014

Istanbul’s Bailliage dines at Beyti, the legendary grill house

Our autumn season’s second dinner was a carnivorous feast held at Beyti, the legendary grill house in Istanbul. The restaurant’s owner, Beyti Güler, Member of the Conseil d’Honneur, is a world-renowned connoisseur of roasted meat and a distinct personality in Turkish gastronomy.

The event was held in his Ottoman-Turkish style decorated restaurant in Florya. It started with a cocktail where new generation Anatolian wines were enjoyed; the beetroot soup served in elegant Turkish coffee cups was a colourful and warm welcome.

Dinner started with a medley of cold Turkish specialties: aubergine salad, stuffed aubergine boats (İmam Bayıldı), rice with aubergine, wrapped vine leaves, Circassian chicken. These sophisticated mezes with olive oil were perfectly matched with the vegetal, mineral and peachy aromas of Côtes d’Avanos by Kavaklıdere. We owe much to the elegant Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the volcanic soil of Cappadocia.

Discerning palates then enjoyed the full parade of grilled meat accompanied by hearty red wines. Roasted lamb shoulder and döner kebab were served with an ages-old recipe of stuffing rice. Wine was Alçıtepe by Doluca, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz which was a memorable partner of the course with its robust and highly aromatic character.

Next course was the signature dish of Beyti Güler: the Beyti kebab with its lamb fillet and the eye of the cutlet wrapped then sliced into medallions. It was associated with lamb cutlets and they were in perfect agreement with the plain accompaniments: spinach purée and aubergine beğendi.

The last dish of this feast was fillets of lamb and beef with potato soufflé. Blend No:5 by Corvus, the rich and sophisticated blend of Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, was the crowning touch for these two meat courses.

This kind of a feast is unthinkable without something sweet to conclude. The delightful dessert course was an assortment of Ottoman sweets: baklava, künefe, quince dessert, pumpkin dessert, dry fig dessert and rice pudding.

Everyone was full of praise not only for the excellent food and wines, but also for the dedicated and disciplined gentleman that is Beyti Bey1. His luminous and tranquil smile was all embracing throughout the event. His two sons, Ahmet and Cüneyt were also there as two pillars of this establishment and assured us that the excellence here will be carried on to the next generation.

Nihal Bursa, Chargé de Presse                                   1 Bey is a Turkish noun for bearer of a title of courtesy and honour.

Photos below (c) Beyti