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Canada Gala Dinner

Banff (AB), November 28, 2014

Members of the Bailliage of Alberta in Calgary were part of the performance!

Beat Hegnauer, Executive Chef of the Banff Centre in beautiful Banff, Alberta, and Bailli Honoraire of the Bailliage of Alberta in Calgary, has been a Chaîne member since 1982.

Time and time again he has thrilled us with outstanding events. However we knew that November 28, 2014, would be his last event at The Banff Centre, as he is retiring very soon. Word had spread that he would be offering a reprise of ‘Dinner on Stage’ in the Eric Harvey Theatre at The Banff Centre. The event was fully subscribed almost as soon as it was posted.

A greeting of house-made chocolate bark, smoked almonds and Glühwein waiting in our rooms set the tone for the evening. His brow slightly furrowed with concern, Chef Hegnauer himself greeted guests as they straggled in from the cold with their tales of driving woes. Michael Langlois, Director of Food and Beverage at the Centre and our co-host for the evening, seemed to be everywhere at once, gracious every step of the way. It is this attention to detail and care for the well-being of guests that marks the Banff Centre as a special destination.

Cares fell away like snowflakes as we enjoyed a glass of Taittinger Champagne or a signature cocktail, Pomegranate Nectar. Fish had been flown in that day for our enjoyment as sushi and sashimi. Chefs were on hand to custom-roll spicy tuna cones. Servers offered beef tataki with raspberry pearls, and little lobster cakes. By the time we were called to the theatre, our spirits were much improved.

We entered the theatre as an audience. The ‘curtain’, a scenery scrim of great beauty, was down. Guests murmured to each other: Would there be entertainment? Would we be served in the audience seating? Then the curtain was raised and our beautifully-laid tables appeared, stage-lit and sparkling with crystal and silver. Outstanding, as was the dinner that followed!

We welcomed the brigades with glasses raised. Bailli Mark Wilson praised the overall excellence of the evening, noting the attentive pairings of wine and food, and the superior service. Chef Hegnauer accepted a commemorative plate awarded to Sous-Chef Tobias Schilk who had been responsible for the dessert and involved in the development of the menu. A plate was also awarded to Dining Room Supervisor Tyler Jeffs, for his role in coordinating the evening’s service.

Completing the presentations, Bailli Délégué David Tetrault took this special occasion to award the Chaîne’s International Silver Medal to Chef Hegnauer, for outstanding service to the Chaîne.

Valli Arlette, Vice-Chargée de Presse

Here is a mini gallery of selected images from the reception . . .