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Kuwait Gala Dinner

Kuwait City, October 18, 2014

In the presence of the Ambassadors of Armenia, Japan, Lebanon, Serbia, Turkey and the United States of America, the Hilton Kuwait Resort hosted the Bailliage’s annual Gala Dinner.

The Bailliage party gathered in the Resort’s stunning new Teatro Terrace Restaurant to enjoy a five-course menu.  Located on the ground floor, overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the restaurant boasts an elegant dining terrace.

To complement the view, the maritime theme was especially conceived to reflect the wonderfully varied seafood cuisine and hospitality for which Kuwait is known.

Ziad Tantawi, General Manager of the Hilton Kuwait Resort, said, “It was an honour to host the Bailliage of Kuwait together with so many Ambassadors among its members and guests. The Resort specializes in providing outstanding service for every occasion and we very much look forward to welcoming back our distinguished visitors.” 

Bailli Délégué Mohamed Najia expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the excellent food and service provided during the dinner. He said, “The Teatro Terrace Restaurant at the Hilton Kuwait Resort was a stunning location for our annual event. The Resort’s management and staff provided the world class dining experience that our members have come to expect.”

Sara AbdulSalam, Hilton Kuwait Resort                                   Photos: Studio Osoul