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Greece - Funky Gourmet

Chefs Georgia-Anna Hiliadaki & Nikos Roussos

The perspective of cooking as an art form that arouses the senses, evokes emotions and awakes memories, inspired Maîtres Rôtisseurs Georgia-Anna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos to establish Funky Gourmet in 2009 as somewhere for them to express themselves through their culinary talents.

After completing studies at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and their subsequent work at the world-renowned restaurant that was Ferran Adrià's El Bulli, they decided to test out their innovative ideas in their own establishment. It is housed in a beautiful neo-classical building, located in the Keramikos[1] quarter in the historic centre of Athens. 

Soon after opening, Funky Gourmet was ranked as one of Greece's best restaurants. In 2010, Funky Gourmet was also given the Gourmet Award for Best Arrival of the Year and in 2011 its two chefs were awarded the Chef of the Year Gourmet Award. Now, in 2012, it has a Michelin star!

Funky Gourmet is a small restaurant with a warm and inviting ambiance. In its limited physical space, the two chefs express their personal concept of an avant-garde, innovative cuisine that is based on top-quality seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on refined flavours and the use of advanced culinary techniques.

The chefs create gastronomic menus that have their origins in classical Greek recipes but are completely contemporary in style thereby offering guests a unique culinary experience.

[1] Keramikos was the potters' quarter of Athens – it is from its name that the English word "ceramic" is derived.

Website:                                           Photography: Panagiotis Mpeltzinitis & Ioanna Pagalia

Below are some examples of the chefs' creative approach ...

The Greek salad

In this version of the typical Greek salad the familiar flavours are in the form
of a white "granita" (water ice) served with small drops of extra virgin olive oil
gently placed on top and accompanied by a fresh tomato essence.

The ‘Lahanontolmas’

This dish evokes culinary memories of the traditional Greek recipe, while
at the same time incorporating Japanese influences in the use of sushi rice
and in the serving temperature. The application of advanced cooking techniques,
for example the process of osmosis to the cabbage, contributes to the refined
flavours and the distinct essences of fresh herbs retained in this dish.

The ‘Melomacaron’

The melomacaron is a dessert inspired by a combination of Greek and French
patisserie traditions. A classic French macaroon in appearance, it carries the full
flavour of the traditional Greek melomakarono. Served in a glass-covered dish, it
reminds us of the macaroons as they are showcased in traditional patisserie
shops. It is served with a powder of olive oil and walnuts and accompanied with
honeycomb from the island of Kithira for the honey aftertaste.