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Australia Dinner

Perth, November 20, 2014

Bailliage of Western Australia

It was with great anticipation that 45 members arrived for dinner at Clarke’s headed by Chef Stephen Clarke whose reputation locally and nationally indicated an excellent evening ahead.

Chef Clarke is passionate about using innovative techniques in his cooking to bring out the true flavour of each particular ingredient.

Bailli Wayne Teo warmly welcomed everyone. He reserved a special welcome for three new members including Chef Ralf Vogt of Crown Resorts. Once the formalities were over the important business of sampling Chef Clarke’s creations began.


Amuse bouche

Seared Esperance scallop, lime-infused watermelon, nam jim dressing

Red Emperor boudin, asparagus and beurre blanc

Confit duck leg, foie gras espuma, gingerbread

Linley Valley suckling pig, pickled carrots and orange

Le Dauphin, walnut bread and plum

Chocolate and cherries

The first two dishes were very refreshing and prepared the palate for what was to come. The lime-infused watermelon was very much a hit.

We had a preview of the new version of Chef Clarke’s suckling pig signature dish. Vanilla and orange cut through the richness of the meat flavour. The young pigs are sourced locally from Stirling Ranges and every part was used.

Following dinner Bailli Teo presented Chef Stephen Clarke with the Chaîne’s Professional Member plaque and commemorative award in respect of the fine dinner we had all enjoyed.

Chef Clarke answered questions from members about the evening’s dishes. He concluded the Q&A session with the statement that “food is about mood as well”. When he asked will you dine here again there was a resounding ‘yes’ with a round of applause. During the evening we discovered that Chef Clarke had cooked for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This piece of information further added to our feeling of also having dined just like royalty!

Dorota Dancewicz, Dame de la Chaîne