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Membership Committee

Benoît Fragnière is joined by Jim Pozzi to develop the membership

The quest for growth

At the recent (February 2015) meeting of the International Board, Membership Officer Benoît Fragnière was reaffirmed as Chair of the Membership Committee.

Benoît (photo right) is joined in the task of developing membership within existing Bailliages by Jim Pozzi from the USA, who, like Benoît, is also a Member of the Conseil d’Administration.

The aim is to grow the Chaîne as quickly as possible beyond 25,000 members worldwide. The largest Bailliages naturally have the highest number of admissions. However, 2014 has also seen impressive membership growth in Australia which resulted in the Bailliage becoming 5th in the 2014 league table for growth.

In his report to the International Board, Benoît stated that in order to help/support the different Bailliages and to be able to assist them in their quest for growth, three key issues must be taken into consideration:

Human capability
It is essential that Bailliages have enthusiastic leadership and management capable of raising the profile of the Chaîne and attracting new members.

Looking for new means of support
Innovative ideas for additional or new means of support should be encouraged and followed through with the Bailliages that present them.

Continuing to define and implement a homogenous image around the world arguably is the most important issue. Considerable effort has already been made and great results have been achieved internationally – for example with the magazine, the websites and the video. However there is even more work to be done in implementing this uniform ‘corporate identity’ within the Bailliages. Multi-national companies have a recognisable brand image wherever one goes in the world and the Chaîne should be no different.

Marie Jones
Managing Editor