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Sweden - Blaxsta Winery

One of Sweden’s largest wineries

A few years ago there were none at all. Now they are slowly beginning to appear here and there. Not many, but we are starting to notice them. Often by a sign that grabs your attention, tempting you to turn off the beaten track. Most are in our southern region, there are some further north as well. We are talking about our Swedish vineyards!

To find out more we visited one of Sweden’s largest: Blaxsta, the Sörmland farm that has been built up by Maître Restaurateur Göran Amnegård and his wife, Ulrika.

The vineyard covers some 2.5 hectares. The winery is housed in a 17th century barn; a wine cellar dating from the 16th century has been renovated and incorporated into the operation.

There are 5,500 vines. Approximately 90% are Vidal, the rest being Chardonnay and Merlot. Experimentally, there is also some Cabernet Franc. The Chardonnay and Merlot make table wines. The Vidal grapes are used for delicious ‘ice wine’. Blaxsta was one of the first commercial vineyards using only Swedish-cultivated grapes.

The warm summers and the dry autumns, as well as the 25% more daylight throughout the growing season, result in the grapes maturing fully and developing an appealing balance between sugar and acidity.

Blaxsta Vineyard produces unique, premium-quality wines made from local produce with a distinctive Swedish character.

The vineyard´s mission statement is to market a unique range of wines that have been produced in small quantities.

With an annual production of just 8,000 litres divided between eight to ten different wines, these exclusive nectars are an experience, a taste sensation!

Also produced are quality fruit wines from wild raspberries, pears, apples, etc. Apple Ice Wine Åkerö being a particular speciality.

Not only wine…

The vineyard’s restaurant is called Kung Blacke. It is here that delicacies are magically prepared. The dining room is spacious, the chairs comfortable and the view beautiful. Accommodation is also available in the form of 15 bedrooms furnished to a high standard.

Adapted from an article that first appeared in Fine Dining, the text and photos
for which were by Carl Wachtmeister, Bailli Délégué, and Anne-Marie Canemyr