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Slovenia - Wines

One of the traditional European winemaking countries

Slovenia is one of the traditional European winemaking countries. Although a state with a short history, our vinous reputation is growing steadily, as evidenced by publications such as Wine Spectator, Decanter, Robert Parker, Wines and Spirits.

For Slovenian people, wine is something quite ordinary yet at the same time something very special. Slovenia is one of the leading wine consuming countries in the world.

Considering this, one is not surprised to find that we are the only country that chose a eight stanza poem titled 'A Toast' for its national anthem.

The seventh stanza alone is generally used as the anthem, however I think you will agree that the eighth has a particular relevance to the spirit of the Chaîne:

At last to our reunion
To us the toast! Let it resound,
Since in this great communion
By thoughts of brotherhood we're bound
May joyful cheer
Ne'er disappear
From all good hearts now gathered here.

When visiting Slovenia in 2007 Jancis Robinson MW, the world-renowed wine commentator, said that our wines have some of the most diverse and distinct characteristics in the world. While some Slovenian winemakers are flirting with international styles of winemaking but retaining regional traits, others are developing distinctive niche styles, such as white wines with several days of maceration.

Paying a visit is the best way to experience the richness of what Slovenia has to offer as as a wine country.

Come and discover our idiosyncratic grape varieties such as Rebula (Ribolla Gialla), Šipon (known in Hungary as Furmint), Malvasia, Zelen, and Pinela.

In Slovenia, the cellar doors are still opened by the owners. They will gladly share their story and passion with you. Below we recommend ten of them – Chaîne members are listed first!

Robert Gorjak, Chargé de Missions