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Slovenia Dinner

Ljubljana, February 3, 2015

This dinner at CUBO restaurant in Ljubljana was dedicated to lobster and freshwater crayfish.

Our host, Chef Boštjan Trstenjak, and his team prepared seven delicious courses. They were beautifully decorated in minimalistic style. During the evening Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj, our Conseiller Gastronomique, explained that freshwater crayfish were common in Slovenian rivers and lakes until 1882. Jelševci and košaki are two local varieties which used to be a popular dish on Slovenian tables.

Our dinner started with an innovative tuna macaroon. It was followed by freshwater crayfish salad, lobster soup, shrimps with bone marrow and horseradish, and lobster with orange. The dinner ended with soufflé for dessert.

CUBO has been open for ten years now. As Boštjan Trstenjak said, “Have ten years really already passed? It seems to me like it was only yesterday that we were choosing the restaurant's name, putting together the first menus, assembling the team, buying equipment and so on. With CUBO my life-long dream of opening a restaurant became true! A small but ambitious restaurant I wanted to make it as I day-dreamed it - a wholesome story of food, ambiance and teamwork.”

For our latest in a long line of dinners at CUBO we enjoyed comparing the tastes of sea lobster and freshwater crayfish. It was a very pleasant evening, evidence that Chef Trstenjak’s dream has certainly come true.

Tomaž Dular, Officier