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Indonesia Dinner

Jakarta, March 18, 2015

Bailliage Provincial of Jakarta

Javanegra Gourmet Atelier is a relative newcomer on the Jakarta dining scene, but almost overnight it has taken the city by surprise with its sensational private dining experiences. Javanegra has access to the freshest and finest supplies as the chef, Andrea Paresthu, would not work with less than impeccable quality ingredients.

Vice-Chargée de Missions Linda Tan has been there several times. Each occasion saw a completely different menu and was always a unique dining experience. It was to be expected therefore that Linda and Vice-Chancelier/Argentier Fabrice Mini hosted the first dinner of the Bailliage’s 2015 programme at the establishment.

With its rustic wooden décor the Javanegra exudes cosy and heart-warming ambiance that gives the feel of an exclusive table d’hôte. The dinner, exclusively for 26 guests, took place in an intimate setting of a long table facing a charming open kitchen. The novelty menu featured Mediterranean gourmet fare with a strong influence of European and South American flavours and cooking styles – places where the chef has lived and travelled extensively.

At the reception 2011 De Bortoli Chardonnay Brut Cuvée was accompanied by a variety of tapas.

The menu for the dinner was as follows:

Authentic Chilean ceviche with grilled aubergine and oyster mushroom
2011 De Bortoli Chardonnay Brut Cuvée, Sacred Hill, Australia

Grilled baby barracuda in salsa verde
2014 Hidden Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Lobster bisque with sea snails
2013 Deetlefs Chenin Blanc, Breedekloof, South Africa

Lime and anise sorbet

Spanish-style beef stew

2004 Marques de Riscal Rioja Gran Reserva

Tête de Moine and Black sticky rice with honey
Late-harvest Gewurztraminer, Colchagua Valley, Chile

Andrea is a chef who truly makes best use of exotic local ingredients‎. He managed to source baby barracuda from the remote island of Halmahera and the rare smoky-flavoured local mushroom from Bangka Island. The chef masters the art of simple cooking to bring out the best of its ingredients' natural flavour. His food has a pure and unpretentious quality to it. Each meal is simply delicious without trying too hard.

The Chilean ceviche ‎was everyone's favourite course, the intense citrus flavour combined with the buttery texture of the fish was exquisite! This ceviche is as good as it gets in Jakarta. Nothing else comes even close to it. The baby barracuda was grilled to perfection and the lobster bisque was rich and savoury. The refreshing lime and anise sorbet made an excellent transition to the next course.

The dessert was a pleasant surprise! Who would have thought that using a Tête de Moine cheese instead of coconut milk, it would have given a whole different sensation on the black sticky rice.

The wine pairing was equally superb. The multi-talented chef had personally selected the wines to balance the flavours, tastes and textures of each course.

‎Chef Andrea, together with fellow co-founders Reni Alhadad, Firia Aphrodite and their culinary team, did a splendid job hosting our ‎Bailliage dinner. The tastes were wonderful; the service was timely and efficient. A heartfelt thank you was given to the Javanegra team for making extraordinary efforts to bring their best to the dining table. Our dining experience was truly a memorable one.

Linda Tan
Vice-Chargée de Missions