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China - Allen Wong

Introducing the new Bailli Délégué

A new leader in place for the National Bailliage

[Paris – May 13, 2015]  President Yam Atallah and the Conseil d’Administration are delighted to announce that Allen Wong, Bailli Provincial of East China, has been promoted to be Bailli Délégué of China.

Allen takes over leadership of the National Bailliage from Vlad Reyes with immediate effect. In recognition of his service to the Chaîne in China Vlad has been awarded the title of Bailli Délégué Honoraire.

After school in Hong Kong, Allen completed higher education in Canada including an MBA. His professional career started by trading foreign exchange in Hong Kong followed by business management both in Hong Kong and in Canada. He is currently Managing Director of Shanghai Mister Clean Environmental Services and since 2013 he is also Managing Director of Nanopac International based in Hong Kong.

Allen’s hobbies and interests are gourmet food and cooking, movies, music, computer hardware and new technologies that affect our life.

He joined the Chaîne in 2001 as a Chevalier, progressing to local Bailliage officer (Vice-Chargé de Missions and Vice-Chancelier) before being promoted first to be Bailli of Shanghai and soon after to be Bailli Provincial of East China.

His view on the Confrérie is that it’s not what you wear or what you have that makes you an ideal Chaîne member, it is who you are.

He acknowledges that China, one of the most populated countries in the world, has come late to gourmet culture and social etiquette. However he is certain that there are ample opportunities for the Chaîne to introduce European-based traditions to the fast-learning Chinese population thus developing the country into a truly international society with appreciation for fine foods and the ‘art of the table’.

Marie Jones, Managing Editor