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Turkey Gala Dinner

Kundu, April 4, 2015

Bailliage of Antalya

The Bailliage enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort Hotel in Kundu. Living up to its name the hotel themed the evening a ‘Carnival in Venice’.

On arrival members and guests were presented with carnival masks. Adding to the overall effect, the members of the service brigade were dressed as gondoliers.

The menu card was in the form of a letter in a bottle with sand at the bottom, maybe having arrived in Turkey from Venice!


Marinated trio of fish with gold sprinkles
Bonito smoked with juniper and sage
Salmon with kumquat essence
Swordfish with anise and wild marjoram

Sevilen İsabey Sauvignon Blanc, Ege 2013

Confit of duck
Brunoise vegetables, caramelized apple puree
and porcini mushroom sauce

Pasquier Desvignes Côtes de Provence 2012

Lobster Consommé
Garnish of lobster, basil and sun-dried tomato-stuffed blini parcel

Scallop and red mullet ‘tower’
Red mullet fillet on scallops, raw squid, red and black caviar,
coconut foam and ginger lemon sauce

Kavaklıdere Vinart Narince-Chardonnay, Kapadokya, 2013

Blueberry Sorbet
flavoured with Becherovka liqueur
and accompanied by physalis jelly

Sirloin steak with flaming Sambuca
marinated in cocoa oil and served on a dried green-wheat cake
smoked pepper and pea puree, Dijon mustard, Madeira sauce

Urla Şarapçılık Nero d’Avola - Urla Karası, Ege, 2013

Tangerine, raspberry and chocolate truffles
red fruit sauce

Doluca Safir Misket, Ege 2012

Coffee and tea
Handmade chocolates

Each course was served with a creative side dish. The selected Turkish wines were superb. The spectacular finishing touch to the menu was the colourful bouquet of flowers made from spun sugar which wonderfully presented the handmade after-dinner chocolates.

As members of the Chaîne in the Bailliage of Antalya we are very fortunate to have hoteliers who are anxious to invite us to their establishments with their respective chefs being more than happy to compete with one another to serve us the best food.

Nuran Özkirim, Vice-Chargé de Presse