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Venezuela Dinner

Altamira (Caracas), April 24, 2015

A memorable night at Viniciu’s Restaurant in Altamira

Executive Chef Carlos Navarro Baldivian delighted us with his Mediterranean specialities on a memorable night at Viniciu’s Restaurant in Altamira, a neighbourhood in the Chacao municipality of Caracas.

At the cocktail reception members and their many guests enjoyed a welcome glass of Bellini with delicious tidbits.

Chef Carlos’ menu commenced with a succession of starters: a delicate beef carpaccio; tortellini in broth; and I particularly remember the exquisite ceviche.

Other highlights were tenderloin with Roquefort and ham and New York sweet cheese cake. At the end came a delicious surprise – a Torta Caprese! It was a marvel. Chef Carlos’ secret recipe for the traditional chocolate cake made with ground almonds that originates from the island of Capri was a revelation.

The wines and accompanying drinks had obviously also been carefully thought through:
- Sauvignon blanc with the grouper
- Las Moras Malbec (Argentina) with the main course
- Morande Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc (Casablanca Valley, Chile) with the desserts.

To congratulate Chef Carlos for a wonderful display of culinary skills, Conseiller Culinaire Alfonso Limes presented him with a Bailliage commemorative plaque. There was a standing ovation for Chef Carlos and to acknowledge the extraordinary work by the kitchen and service brigades.

In saying thank you for the accolades, a visibly moved Chef Carlos said “I am pleased to say that I am very proud that you have had such an enjoyable time this evening. I want you to know that in Vinicius the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs has a new home in Caracas!"

Indeed it was a special evening. Exceptionally the restaurant was closed to the public to cater for this event. From the valet parking to the impeccable presentation of the room and the printed menu for each guest everything was first class, including a fine restaurant gift for each of the attendees to take home.

Raúl Lotitto
Chargé de Presse