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Turkery Cookery Workshop Dinner

Ankara, May 3, 2015

Bailliage of Ankara members work with guest chefs to prepare a three course menu

Held in “Le Piment Rouge”, the training restaurant of the Bilkent University Tourism and Hotel Management Department, volunteer members of the Bailliage had the opportunity to work with talented guest chefs in teams formed by drawing lots.

This year’s guest chefs were:
- Cem Erol from The Culinary Arts Academy
- Cihan Kıpçak from Gile Restaurant
- Murat M. Artukmaç from Mikla Restaurant

For the cocktails Ali Ünal from the Department’s Training Restaurant guided the members in the cocktail team. They prepared a “Vodka Freezer”, “Tai Rakı” and “JWB’s Gin”. The cocktail team did not forget their volunteer colleagues in the kitchen teams – a special cocktail service was organised for them so they did not miss out!

The starter team led by Chef Murat prepared “shrimps on broad beans”, which was served with a crispy red onion pickle made on the spot. A bisque was prepared by boiling shrimp heads, herbs and vegetables to serve as a base for the dish. This delicious starter was accompanied by Kavaklıdere Egeo Chardonnay which provided a good match with its fresh flavours.

Chef Cem tutored the main course team. They made a special oxtail dish with home-made pasta flavoured with sauteed keş (a traditional cheese from Mengen) and gremolata which is a chopped herb condiment classically made of lemon zest, garlic and parsley. The main course team prepared a technically challenging course which required considerable work. The result was interesting and very successful. Kayra Leona Cabernet Sauvignon was the chosen wine accompaniment.

The dessert team with Chef Cihan prepared a light dessert with yoghurt, strawberries and vanilla. This colourful and lovely dessert was perfectly partnered by Urla Symposium, a demi-sec white wine.

It was a very rewarding event for the volunteers, the guest chefs and the general Bailliage members and guests. There was an evident dedication to culinary excellence. At the end of the dinner, the guest chefs stated their happiness to be at their home university. They promised that they would always be ready to provide their expertise whenever invited. The sponsors, namely Çağdaş Market for market ingredients and Kavaklidere and Kayra Sarapcilik for the wines were also warmly thanked in appreciation of their support for this interesting event.

Yağmur Ҫakmak, Vice-Chargé de Missions