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Slovenia Dinner

Ljubljana, January 31, 2012

For this year’s “Cubo” event we dined in the Hotel Cubo.

The newly-opened hotel is situated in the centre of Ljubljana and is already acclaimed to be an excellent extension of the original Restaurant Cubo that we know so well from our previous events.

Boštjan Trstenjak and his team presented a quality menu of innovative courses, including some humorous details to remind us that were dining in the hotel rather than the restaurant. For example, homemade pâté served in an imitation toothpaste tube.


Liver pâté with fruit bread and marmalade

Warm salad of lamb fillet and herbs

Ravioli with goose livers, figs and Marsala

Mandarin orange sorbet with Cointreau

Entrecote with Treviso red chicory and caramelized shallot

“Sweet hotel breakfast”

One of the most memorable dishes was the “Sweet hotel breakfast” dessert which had been artistically designed to have the appearance of a typical hotel breakfast.  [ Photo ---> ]

An eggshell was filled with mango (representing the yolk) and coconut panna cotta (for the white).

The “bread” was in the form of Christmas bread made of seven herbs and seven varieties of dried fruit, whilst the “butter” was simply brandy butter.

The “coffee” was represented by a chocolate mousse and “orange juice” was an orange sorbet with Grand Marnier.

Nina Kumse, Dame de la Chaîne
[ Photography by Tomaž Dular, Officier ]