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China Dinner

Chengdu, May 16, 2015

Exceptional whisky journey in a prestigious venue for the Bailliage of Chengdu

The Johnnie Walker House in China was first opened in Shanghai, soon followed by a second lounge in Beijing. A third one recently opened its doors in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province.

This prestigious lounge quickly attracted many celebrities and whisky lovers. It offers delicious gourmet dining and a premium whisky pairing experience. Not surprisingly for its first dinner of the year, the Bailliage of Chengdu chose the Johnnie Walker House for a ‘Scottish Gala’ themed dinner.

The evening started by a welcome cocktail served with whisky based cocktails followed by a menu in which each dish was paired with specially selected Johnnie Walker whisky. The mouth-watering dinner started with a review of the history Johnnie Walker whiskies as well as a liquid nitrogen cooking demonstration by the Executive Chef.

Welcome Cocktail & Canapés

Cucumber yoghurt paste on rye toast
Seared sole fish black garlic cracker
Johnnie Walker Blue Label maple syrup tofu
Grilled Greek cheese spinach cake with filo pastry
‘1887’ Cocktail, Soft Drinks & Juices


‘Johnnie Walker House’ style Scotch egg
with shrimp, candied pistachio, mint anchovies, mayonnaise

Scotch Whisky Mint Julep Cocktail

Beetroot salmon gravlax

Pan-seared cod fillet
 Celeriac root and maple puree, pink peppercorn vinaigrette

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Seared filet mignon, Johnnie Walker Blue Label foie gras terrine
haggis blood sausage blintz, demi-glace

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Perfect Serve

Johnnie Walker Gold Label banana mousse cake, sous vide kumquat

Coffee & tea with pralines

For this unique event, the Chengdu members were joined by guests from the Bailliages of Chongqing, Beijing and Shanghai together with visitors from Hong Kong and Korea. They all embarked on an exceptional whisky journey in a prestigious venue, sumptuously decorated.

Wen Wen ‘Valerie’ Feng, Dame de la Chaîne