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USA Gala Dinner

San Francisco, February 18, 2012

The Pacific Northwest Provincial Bailliage recognised its Double Gold medal winners at a special dinner held at the San Francisco Ritz-Carlton. The atmosphere was electrifying! For the first time in the 35-year history of the Chaîne’s International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition, an American had won the Gold Medal. It certainly goes without saying we are extremely proud of Reilly Meehan.


Two weeks following the victory by Chef Meehan, we were again honoured as Ian Cauble, also of the Pacific Northwest, won the Gold Medal in the final of the 2011 Chaîne’s International Jeunes Sommeliers competition. Another gold rush for the Pacific Northwest Region, It does not get much better.

The dinner was an immediate sell out. The 115 members and guests who were fortunate to have a ticket will no doubt talk about the evening for years to come. Everyone was impressed with the tables which held the special gold Chaîne flags Bailli Provincial Martello had made for the occasion and the spectacular menus he also had designed to honour the two Gold Medal winners. Commemorative pins were given to every member and guest.


Bailli Provincial Martello gave a welcoming address during which he introduced, amongst other distinguished guests, the five national officers who were in attendance: Bailli Délégué George Brown, Chancelier Hal Small, Argentier Jim Pozzi, Conseiller Culinaire Heinz Hofmann, Conseiller Gastronomique Tom Cassidy, Grand Echanson Bruce Nichols and Foundation Chair Shelly B. Margolis.

Nathan Beriau, the Ritz-Carlton’s Executive Chef, had graciously invited Chef Meehan into his kitchen to give the members and guests the unique pleasure of enjoying the three gold-medal courses that Chef Meehan had prepared to win the contest. Additional courses were prepared by the very talented Ritz Carlton kitchen brigade. All wines were chosen and paired by Sommelier Ian Cauble who was assisted by the hotel staff while he explained the nuances and subtleties of each of the special wines.

Between courses a documentary was shown about Sommelier Ian Cauble and the various aspects of the competition. Another documentary was shown about Chef Reilly Meehan and his interest from a very early age in cooking and mixing spices.

The entire event brought everything into perspective. At the end of the evening Bailli Provincial Michael Martello was congratulated for his outstanding orchestration of the celebration.

Martha Melton, Pacific Northwest Chargée de Presse Provinciale

Photos by Bailli Honoraire Clark Atkinson