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Sweden - Cajsa Johansson

'Creative Cajsa'

Maître Rôtisseur Cajsa Johansson is by nature a happy person. A good disposition is, of course, a requirement if, like Cajsa you decide to run a high profile catering operation.

Anybody who has ever done it understands the hard work required. Cajsa was born and grew up on the Uppsala plateau and after years of working as a chef, both in Colorado and Oceania, she returned to her place of birth to run a lunch restaurant. The catering side started as a ’spin-off’ but soon grew bigger and bigger. When suitable premises became available Cajsa turned to catering full time.

She enjoys using seasonal produce and has several suppliers just around the corner. One of her favourites is her autumn buffet featuring game, mushrooms and berries from the nearby forest.

The business has a banqueting room capable of hosting 500 guests and a conference facility for up to 80 delegates.

As if this was not enough, Cajsa also runs a ’take-away’ company. And not just any take-away, she supplies one third of the range of delicacies at one of Sweden’s most prestigious department stores. She also delivers to other highly regarded food stores in the Stockholm and Uppsala areas. IKEA is also a valued customer.

Cajsa’s philosophy is that fresh and well-prepared food should be accompanied by excellent service as this is what brings the customers back again and again.

Training is a pleasure she admits. The kitchen and service brigades reflect this enthusiasm for staff development. The members of the service brigade in particular are those the customers encounter most. It is quite evident that they echo Cajsa’s personality - happy and easy going, while at the same time efficient and knowledgeable.

Adapted from an article by Conseiller Culinaire Catarina Offe published in Fine Dining (December 2011)
Photos courtesy of Cajsa’s Catering