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China Dinner

Beijing, February 25, 2012

Some 30 members kicked off the Bailliage of Beijing’s 2012 calendar with a dinner at Ellingen Brauhaus, the German-inspired restaurant at The Westin Financial Street.

Since it opened in January 2012 the Ellingen Brauhaus has impressed with its delicious home-brewed German beer and traditional German cuisine. In an elegant yet casual setting, Bailli Beat Müller welcomed everyone and took the opportunity to announce the programme of events for the year.

Executive Chef Andreas Bloc created a sophisticated menu paired with delightful German wines:

Salmon and sea scallop with cucumber, radish and dill
Schlossgut Diel 2009 (Nahe)

Celery cream soup with Boskoop apple and foie gras
Weissbürgunder Pieroth 2008 (Nahe)

Crispy sea bass with Sauerkraut, bacon and caraway seeds

Veal tenderloin and cheek, plums, broad beans, dark beer

Spätburgunder, Edition Harth 2008 (Rheingau)

Obatzter Cheese, Bretzel and spring onions

Black Forest Torte

The evening concluded with the traditional parade of the kitchen and service brigades. Everyone agreed it was the perfect start to 2012 having set the standard at a high level.

Beat Müller, Bailli